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  • Our PoE switch series is designed to supply power and
  • maximize network safety, with features of surge protection,
  • weather-resistance and VLAN.
  • VLAN Mode:
    • When the VLAN mode is selected, each PoE port is isolated and independently connects with cameras, computers or other switches, while the uplink port connects with a router.
  • The VLAN Function helps avoid broadcast storms and ARP spoofing.
  • Surge Protection: Each port is equipped with a surge absorber which can survive under 10,000V/150A, nanosecond response time, matches with TVS diode to limit voltage spikes and eliminates surges to protect the device.
  • PoE supplies power through the IEEE802.3af standard, with maximum 0.65A and overcurrent protection.
  • Easy to install with an attached bracket.
  • Compact design with waterproof features.
  • Power supply included


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