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Privacy Policy – Speco Silver for Android by Speco Technologies


Posted: August 23, 2018

Effective: August 23, 2018

Thank you for using Speco Silver for Android. Here we describe how we collect, use and handle your information when you use our Android application.

The Android application Speco Silver asks for access to the following features:

  • Photos/Media/Files

  • For taking and storing pictures and videos

  • Microphone

  • For recording of audio

  • Storage (SD Card)

  • For reading, modifying and/or deleting contents of the SD card

This access helps Speco Silver reach its full potential. This access is only used by Speco Silver and will not be distributed nor disclosed to any third parties unless given prior notice of said distribution or is provided by laws and regulations of the United States of America.

This policy may be revised from time to time and any changes made will be seen here at Speco Technologies’ website.

Have questions or concerns about Speco Silver and privacy? Contact us at

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