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Gigabit Network Switches



  • Gigabit performance on all ports (uplink and downlink).
  • PoE watchdog mode: PoE will continuously monitor for lost device connections and reset the port when detected.
  • VLAN Mode:
    • When the VLAN mode is selected, each PoE port is isolated and independently connects with cameras, computers or other switches, while the uplink port connects with a router.
  • The VLAN function helps avoid broadcast storms and ARP spoofing.
  • Surge Protection: Each port is equipped with a surge absorber, which can survive under 6,000V air ESD.
  • Port 1 supports 802.3bt 60W and all ports support 802.3at/802.3af.
  • All ports can be extended up to 800’ (250M) @ 10MBPs using high quality CAT6 cable.


*Products are in compliance with NDAA Section 889 Part B Guidelines

P8S10G | Gigabit Network Switches

  • Gigabit Network Switches

    10-Port Gigabit Network Switch (8-ports PoE, 2-port Uplink)

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