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Weather-Resistant Line Level Microphone



  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted
  • Designed for indoor spaces
  • Ideal pickup range of 10 to 120 square feet 
  • Gain control to increase or reduce pick-up sensitivity
  • High-fidelity, high sensitivity, high bandwidth, and low noise
  • Built-in high-speed voice processing with dynamic noise reduction
  • Built-in self-gain control AGC processing circuit which effectively minimizes speech signal distortion and attenuation.
  • Built-in lightning protection with reverse polarity power protection and power protection module.
  • Integrated professional audio pre-amplification processing circuit to directly drive active speakers, hard disk recordings, headphones, etc.
  • Long-range audio signal transmission technology 
  • 2 year warranty
  • NDAA Compliant*


*Products are in compliance with NDAA Section 889 Part B Guidelines

CAMMICW | Weather Resistant Line Level Microphone

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